Taking It Easy

I've been rather quiet on the trading front the past few days due to work commitments and a skiing trip today. The snow up north is still excellent if anyone is interested. Unfortunately, my arithitic knees take nearly a week to recover. It's worth it though.

I've managed a handful of dog races in the evenings, but nothing of any significance.

A few people have requested links swaps recently. I haven't forgotten you. It's just that I cannot access my links page after moving ISP three weeks ago. My original ISP was a reseller of Entanet broadband services, who were providing me with the poor service. As part of the deal, I got free access to my hosted websites.

They don't allow free access to websites and emails if one is not taking their broadband package. I'm a bit loathed to pay them £5/month/website for the privilege, not after the way they screwed me around. So until I get that side of things sorted, I can't add to any of the pages hosted at www.betyourlife.co.uk, including the links page.

I'll let you know once I get around to moving it. No idea when that will be though.

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