Thank Goodness For The Dogs

It's been a mixed bag this weekend with two decent returns on the greyhounds, but the football cutting that profit significantly.

I'm still trying to make various angles on the football work, but with limited success. This weekend's problems started on Friday night when I attempted to trade the correct score market in the Newcastle v Cardiff game.

With the home side scoring twice in the first five minutes, I was left with virtually no room to manoeuvre. As I waited for the markets to settle and work out how to limit the damage, they went and scored a third leaving me pretty much high and dry.

I was able to reduce the red a little but, I didn't have enough time to reduce it as much as I'd like when they went and scored for a forth time and the market was closed for good. So, despite a good return on the greyhounds yesterday, I wound up with a small loss.

Today, started off in much the same way as it usually does - with too many trading opportunities, making it difficult to decide what to do. I often think that perhaps I should just take Saturday off and enjoy the sport on TV, rather than trading. Who am I kidding? :-)

Having made enough on the greyhounds this morning, I was able to pay for my 'Saturday fun bet', namely a trixie. On this occasion I took a trip to France and backed Lens, Auxerre and Montpellier. Any two would more or less return my stake, which is what happened. I didn't come anywhere near getting the Auxerre result correct as they got stuffed 5-0.

Other football ventures didn't go anywhere either.

I took part in Betfair's Football Mania promotion where one had to pick a fourfold and the stake of £25 is returned if there's only one loser. Unfortunately, my first two picks both failed, so that was a scratched trade.

My final foray into the footy markets this weekend was a trade on the 3-0 result at Valencia, with insurance in the next goal market. That turned out to be a small loss thanks to the home side's early goal.

Thankfully, all of this was more than covered by a good day on the greyhounds where I'm pleased to report I didn't have any careless and major losses. Something I've been prone too of late.

So the monthly total continues to head in the right direction after the first week. Here's hoping it continues.

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