Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

Yet another let down on the horses today though at least my losses were due to my mistakes and not the software doing funnies. I actually put in some good trades today, but I had too many stupid mistakes, not least of which was entering the market way too early with far too much money. This obviously resulted in a difficulty in trading out for anything other than a loss. I really need to up the concentration levels.

With it being the weekend, I took £10 of my morning greyhound winnings and did my usual fun trixie bet over at Betdaq. This time I went for wins for Birmingham, Werder Bremen and a cheeky little pick of Stoke to beat Arsenal.

With the first two of those coming in, I was left with the situation of having more or less recovered my total stake on the trixie with the possibility of a £111 return should Stoke go on to win. In this case however, I laid them pre-match to guarantee myself a £10 profit and laid them for another £10 when they went 1-0 up.

I ultimately got back over £18 from the football after all my commission fees were taken into account, which was enough to recover the losses from the horse racing in the afternoon.

So two sports out of three give me a profit and put an end to the small losing streak I'd been building up over the past three days. I still need to work harder on the nags though.

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