Attention Span Deficit

I don't know if that is a recognised medical condition, but it should be as I seem to have it. Looking back over this month's horse race trading, there seems to be a bit of a trend where most of my losses, or at least the bigger ones, happen in the last few races.

Today was no exception, where I halved my overall profit in the last two races. Perhaps the need to concentrate so intently all afternoon starts taking its toll come 5pm-ish. Certainly something I need to be aware of.

While I've been making a right mess of the horse trading the past few weeks, the size of the losses seems to have slowed. Indeed, I've made a small profit over the past few days. Hopefully things will start improving a bit now as the end of the month draws near.

Any one who has been visiting the forum may have noticed I've resurrected the 'In-running Hedging' idea that I toyed with last year. In this case, I'm looking for straight winners. I'll be recording the results on the forum. After a month or so, I'll decide if it is worth while turning the paper exercise into a real one.

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neil said...

I feel like I am the same when it comes to losing concentration late on in the afternoon. Seem to hit bigger losses frequently around then, from greed, chasing a good total, chasing a loss in the previous race, or just boredom and lack of concentration meaning I put in trades without thinking them through as much. taking breaks and drinking lots of water should be good for keeping up concentration levels