The BDI Ladder

I have argued for a long time that the ladder in BinarySoft is the best out there. It is clean, fast and, as far as I am aware, unique.

BinarySoft BDI, as its name suggests, was initially designed for two runner markets such as tennis, under/overs and so on. Its benefit lies in the fact that in such markets, BOTH outcomes are displayed in the ladder at the same time. The software performs a type of cross-matching in that if you place a back bet on one outcome and there's an available price on the other that would give a match, or a better return, it will LAY that other outcome rather than place the back bet.

The benefit of displaying both runners at the same time was amply illustrated today in that relatively rare beast, a two horse race. See if you can spot the significance from the picture below.

This situation occurred quite a few times in the few minutes before the off in the 2:30 at Fontwell Park this afternoon, making scalping of the market an absolute doddle. If only all ladders had this functionality.


Anonymous said...

Are those prices in the middle column?

Alistair said...

Yes Anonymous, they are prices in the middle column, expressed as percentage probabilities. Divide 100 by those figures to get the corresponding decimal odds.

For a more detailed explanation of the BinarySoft ladder see the post Stakes In BinarySoft BDI.