A Difficult Day

Much more experienced and better traders than me keep saying that this time of year is difficult. Never more so than today, for me anyway.

I had a pretty average morning in the greyhound market, but looked forward to the horse racing after lunch. After only a few races and two horrendous losses (for my stakes anyway), both at Wolverhampton, I found myself down over £30 on the nags. I simply wasn't getting to grips with the markets at all. I couldn't make any sense of them.

They were jumping all over the place, turning whenever I entered the market (nothing unusual in that I suppose) and just generally hard to read. Not that I didn't have some good trades. I did, but not until I had walked away from my computer, had a cuppa, and watched some TV. Half an hour afternoon TV is enough to bore anyone to tears, so I forced myself back into the hot seat and an attempt at damage limitation.

This, I am please to say I managed very well, getting the horses to with in £2 of being level. That in itself was something to be pleased with, though I did spoil it later in the evening by doing one of the Kempton races and promptly losing a fiver.

One of the things I've noticed over recent days is my attitude towards the horse racing results I am getting. I'm not so uptight, and I'm certainly more relaxed. Of course, I don't like losing, who does? The point is, this more relaxed frame of mind is putting me in a better position to get to grips with the horse racing win markets once and for all.

If I've lost a few hundred quid by the end of the month then I might not feel the same way, but, for the moment, I'm comfortable with what I'm doing.

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