False Dawn At The Races

Oh what a day! It all started off so well in the old horse racing markets. Kicking off with a £4 winner, which was quickly followed by a very pleasing £20 win, it was all looking fine and dandy. Then I went on a seven race streak that saw me win only one of them.

That run saw me lose £65 from which I never recovered. I picked up a little over the next few races, but when I got caught again in the 4.20 at Newcastle, losing another £17 in the process, I decided to call it a day.

I do not know what was wrong with me today. There were loads of significant swings today yet I frequently got caught on the wrong side of them. My entry points were shockingly judged. I lost count of the number of times I entered the market a fraction of a second before it turned sharply.

So, after an excellent start, my high spirits were very quickly and sharply brought back down to Earth. All part of the learning process of course. I'm away to lick my wounds and cross my fingers that the football trixie I have done for this evening comes good and turns my day around. Failing that, I'll be back again tomorrow.

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