Horse Race Trading Progressing Nicely

At the risk of tempting fate, I'm please to report another good day at the office, at least as far as horse racing is concerned.

I participated in nineteen races today with only four losers. This is the sort of hit rate I need to achieve on a consistent basis to start making decent money. I am delighted with the way things are progressing, though I am well aware that it is early days. I'm just feeling much more comfortable playing these markets than I have ever done in the past.

Based on staking levels of around £100, I netted £43 today, which I think is a pretty good return. Of course, I still made mistakes. I got caught a couple of times and on three separate occasions I came out of the market way too early while there was a big move on. That doesn't worry me as I'll get better at that as my experience and confidence grows.

It is interesting that as my horse trading is showing signs of steady improvement, my dog trading seems to have gone down the tubes. I lost £20 in the first hour of trading this morning in only five races.

I'm beginning to wonder if the adjustments I've been making to come to terms with the horse markets is subconsciously finding its way back to the dog markets where it is wholly inappropriate. It may be wise to give the dogs a break for a bit and concentrate on the more lucrative (theoretically) horses. It would certainly free up some time, which is something I've been aiming for for a while.

Perhaps a bit to early for such drastic action, but I'll keep an eye on it.

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