Incompatible Browser

As far as I am aware, the Internet is meant to be an open system. People should be able to access information on the Internet irrespective of their chosen hardware, operating system and browser.

Tonight, I had reason to visit and was immediately presented with this piece of nonsense:

It didn't give me any other option to progress other than going to the Microsoft site to download Internet Explorer!

Any company who deliberately excludes potential customers by forcing them to use a particular piece of software is short sighted in my view. From a personal point of view, any website that tries such a trick with me is immediately blacklisted.

As for insisting a Linux user uses Internet Explorer! Talk about a red rag to a bull!

Betmate will not be getting any business from me any time soon.


Robin said...

I run "WIN 7" with Firefox and there is no problem with the site at my end.


Alistair said...

Thanks for that Robin.

So even the message is wrong. LOL!

I was using Google Chrome on Ubuntu 9.10 so either of those, or possibly both, confused it.

I've just checked with Firefox and I can get in, so it seems they are too damn lazy to check browsers properly.

Still, my original point of insisting on the use of a particular browser is wrong. Design your site properly you morons!

SilkBC said...

Yeah, I have run into that. Even Yahoo Mail keeps telling me that my operating system is untested, and do I still want to proceed. I have written them numerous times to let them know it works perfectly fine fro a Linux user using Firefox, but they prolly don't care.

Actually, Alistair, just as a quasi-related anecdote, I figured you would appreciate this.

A while back, a client sends me a document in Word 2007 format for my review. I use OpenOffice for the most part, and do have access to MS Office, but out of principle, I sent him an email back politely requesting that he resend the document in a more "common" format that I can read (my version OpenOffice choked on this particular document). He responds back saying "just download the Office 2007 Compatability Pack". I shrug it off and send the document back to him in OpenOffice format. I wait for his email back, which comes soon, saying he can't open the document. I reply back to him to "just download OpenOffice" :-) I didn't hear back from him on that matter, so I thin he got my point. What he ended up doing, I dunno.

Alistair said...

Nice one Silk. That did indeed bring a smile to my face.

I'm in the process of writing a document for a client championing the benefits of open source. Whether they take the plunge is another matter.