Looking For Soccer Tips?

If betting on soccer is your bag, you could do worse than signing up with SoccerLotto, who have just had yet another excellent weekend.

"Blackburn’s win on Sunday and that of Rennes pushed our profit for Saturday and Sunday up to 1,361 points with over 1,000 of those coming from the second acca, so I hope you were on. No less than 18 of the 22 picks in our long shortlist brought home the bacon. All recommended singles won and 10/10 picks in the two accumulators brought two full houses there. I usually enjoy the final weeks of the season and this phase has got off to a great start, so stay with us."

At less than £50 per year, SoccerLotto is certainly value for money. You'll get three weeks free trial and, by making a valuable contribution to the excellent forum, you can earn free membership for life. There's regular competitions and excellent tips not just from the official site, but the many very experienced and clued up members of the forum.

SoccerLotto have been supplying data to the Racing and Football Outlook and the Daily Mail for years and their site has a wealth of unique statistical analysis.

With returns like those above, you could do worse than take a look.


Anonymous said...

You must have picked up a far few quid on that 1000/1 acca Alistair, or do you make a bit more from the referral :)

Alistair said...

It wasn't a 1000/1 acca. The stakes were advised as part of the bet, but I couldn't tell you what they were as I'm afraid I didn't do it. I'd have to contact the site admin for that info as it has been removed from the tips section.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alistair

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