March 2010 Summary

It's always nice to reach some sort of milestone or break a new trading record. This month however, is not so welcome. This is the first losing month since I started trading just over two years ago. It was bound to happen sometime I suppose, so it's good to get it out of the way.

The loss has set me back a couple of months, and much of it was due to my own stupidity. In the first few days, I decided to let a dog race trade go without trading out, with almost inevitable consequences. I quickly followed that by not laying off one leg of a Betfair Mania multiple when I should have. Again, the result was inevitable.

These self-inflicted losses put me on the back foot which I wasn't able to recover from by the end of the month.

My trading was very poor in both horse and dog markets. In addition, the few soccer bets I did all failed. So all three sports I got involved in this month finished up in the red.

Fortunately, my trading has picked up a bit over the past few days, so I'm a little happier than I was mid-month.

It was the blog's 2nd birthday on Monday. It's come a long way and seen many changes over that time. Over the past few days, I've been scanning through some of the old posts that are buried in the archives. I've found it a very useful exercise in reminding me how far I have come, as well as serving as a gentle prod towards how far I've got to go.

Here's to the next two years as I continue on this journey.

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