More Trading Software Coming To Linux

I mentioned a few months ago that I had had feedback from other software developers that they intended to release version of their trading software specifically for the Linux platform. I'm very please to see that Mark Welburn, developer of BetPodPro, is true to his word and announced its release in a few weeks.

This is obviously good news for me and other Linux users. It is also of interest due to the way he has gone about it.

BetPodPro has been ported to work on Linux via the Mono project whose aim is to provide a cross-platform Microsoft .NET framework compatible API. I haven't investigated the Mono Project recently. The last time I looked, it was in its infancy and had a long way to go. So Mark's announcement is clearly of importance.

My limited understanding of the Mono Project is that it is very much orientated towards the developers. In other words, it is not simply a case of a user taking a Microsoft .NET based application and running it on Linux under Mono in the same way one might use Wine. The original application/source code has to be ported to Mono by the developer and released as a Linux application.

So, the emphasis is very much on the developers. With the Mono project having moved on so much, the path is now open for other developers of .NET based trading applications to do the same as Mark, should they so wish.

I will do all I can to encourage them to take up the challenge and I'd encourage all the other Linux based traders, and aspiring ones as well, to do the same. It can only be to our benefit that we also have the ability to choose which application(s) is most suitable for our trading.

Well done Mark for providing the option and hopefully getting the ball rolling.

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