Senility Setting In?

I'm getting ever more senile as old age settles in. What else could explain the obvious senior moment I had today?

I took part in one of the Betfair multiples offers today. This one was to stake £30 on a racing multiple and if only one pick loses, get £15 back. This offer was discussed at length in the chat room. Indeed, I even did a voice broadcast to explain my thoughts.

Why then, when it came to the crunch and I placed my multiple, did I chose to ignore my own advice and not lay my pick in the first race?

Clearly, if it had gone on to win, I'd be in a very strong position, but it didn't. Neither did I take the opportunity to lay the horse in-running when it briefly traded odds on. As a result, I was down £30 thanks to a failed multiple and no risk-free way of getting it back.

This following on from a failed trixie as detailed in the forum as well as another poor performance on the greyhounds.

On a brighter note, my horse trading had a good day, despite starting off with a £12 loss. I traded twenty one races and only had three losers. Two of those losers were a bit higher than I would have liked. Still, I feel progress has been made today and hopefully that will continue.

This was enough to recover from my earlier losses and moments of senility.

The paper trading I did in February has set me in good stead now that I'm actually putting money into the markets. Very early days yet, but I feel more comfortable while trading the horses. I'm not anywhere near as prone to panicking as I have been in the past. Don't get me wrong, I'm still making loads of mistakes and getting things wrong, but that should improve with practice.

The first thing to get right is to keep the number of losing races to a minimum. Only three today was an achievement. If I can achieve that type of hit rate on a daily basis then I will be getting somewhere. I need to limit their size as well of course.

Still, despite lots of work to do, there's certainly signs of lots to look forward to.


Ken said...

Hi Alistair, excellent blog, I've added you to my blogroll at , if it's OK please could you add me to your links page, "Rebel Duke - turning a monkey into a bag of sand by betting on the all weather"


Ken (Motorhead on soccerlotto)

Alistair said...

Hi Ken, anything for a fellow SoccerLotto member. It's up now.