Silly Mistake

Having been at a client's this morning I spent the afternoon clearing out the attic for new loft insulation being installed on Tuesday. Actually, my son spent the time in the attic, as I'm to old, fat, unfit and stiff to be crawling around tight spaces. What else do we have children for, if not to work for us in our old age?

At the risk of sounding like my old man, when I was young, such chores would have been done for nothing. I had to give my son £20. Children are such mercenaries these days.

Anyway, I hadn't managed any trading apart from the last three afternoon horse races so late on this evening I thought I'd trade some dogs, and immediately regretted that decision as I got caught by the suspension having laid the favourite in the 9:07 at Sittingbourne. Needless to say, the beast romped home and I was plunged into the red for the month.

Not the first time I've made such a silly mistake, and will no doubt not be the last. It has been quite a while since I last did it mind you. I simply wasn't paying attention, which is what I get for trading when I was tired.

Never mind, there's plenty more days left in march to get that back.

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