The Struggle Continues

Having taken a few days off to recharge the batteries and collect my thoughts, I had hoped that the break would see me getting back to winning ways. Unfortunately not.

The horse win markets continues to cause me much trouble with far too many losers. All the more annoying after starting the day reasonably well.

At the moment, I am struggling to see any patterns or trends in the markets. Using graphs isn't helping me and trying to follow any other indicators just seems to result in losses. Clearly, I'm not interpreting the signals correctly. Or more accurately, I'm missing the signals altogether.

I will continue to try and figure it out, but I'm currently finding it very frustrating and demoralising. I've accepted the fact that this month will be my first losing month, but it is worth persevering for a while as the rewards are potentially so great. Ultimately, if things do not turn around, then I think I will finally have to accept that I cannot cut it.

That decision can wait, for a while at least. In the meantime, I'll be back again tomorrow for another bash.


pt9091 said...

Keep at it i've been at it a solid 18 months full time and now just starting to make a decent income! So many times I thought about chucking it. Glad I stuck with it!

Steve said...

This week won't be the best to try and get your confidence back Al especially if you're struggling. The Cheltenham markets behave differently and the large amounts around overspill into the smaller markets making them more volatile due to unexpected big bets.

The big meetings are an aquired taste in trading, don't try and take them on when you're not used to them or already doubting your abilities. You won't learn them in a week and any mistakes will get punished. You're not patient at the best of times Al and trading Cheltenham you need that cos of the large volumes that have to be taken before our offsets are even sniffed at.

Best give the trading a miss this week and concentrate on the arbing side of things as there's plenty of other ways to skin a cat. The bonuses on offer this week should easily get the month back into profit.

Alistair said...

Thanks for the feedback chaps.

You're right about my lack of patience Steve, but I'll touch on that in a separate post I think.

As for arbing, I'll have to give that a miss as I simply do not have the spare cash to fund bookmaker accounts.