Tale Of Two Markets

I'm pleased to say that March has kicked off on a winning note. Not only that, I've made a profit on the horses! There's the dreaded kiss of death right there. LOL!

It's funny how I never seem to be able to do well in all the disciplines I try in a day. Yesterday, the dogs were good to me and the horses only scraped into profit. Today it was a mirror image of that.

In fact, the dogs were particularly disappointing. Having made £16 in just over an hour, I then went on a 3 race losing streak that wiped all of it out and some more. I just seemed to completely lose focus. Even stopping for an early lunch didn't sort my concentration out. I didn't get the dogs back into profit until the last few races of the afternoon session, once I'd finished with the horses.

I'm not entirely sure how I managed a profit on the nags today. I seemed to shoot myself in the foot in virtually every race I entered. It seemed every back bet I placed was done so at the bottom of a dip. Fortunately, most of these I was able to recover from or at least reduce substantially. It led to a hard afternoon that I could've done without.

One thing that did please me from this afternoon's session was my patience. I resisted, in the main, to panic when things turned against. Normally, I would have baled out for as loss, but in most instances I was able to grit my teeth and wait for the market to turn again. The more I learn to wait for the natural ebb and flow of the market, the better off I'll be at trading the horses.


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Alistair said...

No problem BmB. All done. You'll find your blog mentioned on the Links page.