Use It Or Lose It

It has been just over a month since I set up the forum. Four weeks on and it seems that, in the main, I am talking to myself.

I appreciate that there is already a host of trading and gambling related forums out there. In that context, the inclusion of a forum on Bet Your Life was always something of an experiment. I was encouraged to set one up as I have been asked in the past if I would do so. It seems that this initial interest has dissipated. It certainly doesn't seem to be there now. That's fair enough. It's what I expected to be honest.

If the forum, in its present form, isn't providing you with what you need, then let me know and I'll look into modifying its structure if there's the demand. The forum is free to use, so make use of it.

I'll leave the forum up for another month. If interest doesn't pick up then I'll take it down again as there is no point in me maintaining something that no one wants to use.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Too many forums out there, too little traders, you seem to always want everything to happen overnight Alistair.

If interest doesn't pick up so what? ,no need to take it off just use it whenever