A Word About The Forum

I've never been totally convinced about running a forum here at Bet Your Life Sports Trading. Too many such animals have sprung up over the past year or so that participation gets spread rather thinly and the same old faces keep turning up. I always thought the fact that I have nothing to 'offer' wouldn't help. I've no software, service or ebooks that may need supporting. This blog is nothing more than my self-indulgent ramblings put here primarily for my own benefit.

The only area I felt one would be a useful addition was primarily for those chat room members that wished to discuss things on a more permanent basis. It is only recently that I discovered that Blogger had introduced a mechanism that would allow the addition of a forum in the first place. My curiosity was triggered so I had to install one just to see how.

The forum is provided by Nabble with its attraction being that it can be embedded in a web page. It's a relatively lightweight forum, certainly compared to the phpBB software that many of the existing trading forums are based on. It has somethings that I do not particularly like and so I do not exclude the possibility of upgrading in the future.

However, that totally depends on how well used the forum is. Just over one week has past since I installed it and it appears that I'm talking to myself. Clearly, if that situation continues then there's no real point of having it. I'll reassess things at the end of the month.

One final point...

If you have ventured over to the forum, you may have noticed the 'Members Only' area. As it says on the tin, this is for members only. I've been getting many requests recently for access to that area. This section is by invitation only and is available to regular contributing members of the chat room and/or the public areas of the forum and you will need to be registered on the forum.

So, if you want access to the 'Members Only' section, then start making regular and constructive contributions elsewhere in the forum or in the chat room. Unless those conditions are met, then I'll ignore any requests for access to this private section.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the forum Alistair, I think you'll need it. Plenty of other established forums out there right now, even some of the bigger software vendors forums are lucky to get 1 or 2 posts a day. I think restricting areas of the forum to members only when there's hardly any posts on the forum is a strange way of attracting new members.

I'm sure I'm not alone in avoiding forums where there's an inner clique of the favoured few. The Geeks forum has hidden forums too but considering some of the crap that's posted on there that's probably not too bad a thing :)

Alistair said...

Fair comment Anonymous, which is why I've never been that enthused about having one here at Bet Your Life Sports Trading. More of an experiment than anything else.

As for the 'Members Only' section, it was never about attracting/not attracting new members, and more to do with providing a private are for chat room regulars to discuss things in private if they so wish. Whether they do so is another matter.

Time will tell I guess.

Anonymous said...

If it's not for attracting 'new members' and only a private area for chat room regulars ??
Why didn't you just inform your regulars of it's whereabouts!!

It seems a bit of a contradiction to me, so why go to the bother of mentioning it to anyone else dropping by in the 1st place.


Alistair said...

I don't understand your criticism or your puzzlement.

The forum isn't just a private forum, there's a public section as well. Pretty obvious from my posts, comments and the forum itself.

The forum is there for anyone who wants to use it, if they want to use it.

The private area is there for regular contributors to the forum or chat room, if they want to use it.

There's no contradiction implied or intended. I'm sorry if you are puzzled by that.