First Target Achieved

Having started from scratch in the horse markets at the beginning of the month, I'm pleased to say that I've turned my initial stake of £10 into £57 over the past six trading days. Now that the stake has past £50, I ring fence the initial £10 so that the stake drops back to £47 for my next trading day.

This ring fencing is something I did when I first implemented this compounding technique way back when I started. It's simply there to protect my initial investment should I have a major lapse and lose my stake.

After each multiple of £50, I ring fence 2 x Num of Multiples x £10, so the next 'withdrawal' will be £20 when the stake reaches £100. Hopefully that won't be to long, though it does become more difficult, not to mention dangerous, to do this as the stake increases. Consequently, I imagine once it has built up, I'll have to start using reduced stakes for those longer odds runners.

That is to be expected as this compounding technique is simply a way of quickly building the stake sizes while learning how these markets work. So far, it is working well.

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