McCoy Wins The National

Congratulations to Tony McCoy for finally winning the World's greatest horse race... and for winning me £47.50!

Like many families up and down the country, it has always been a tradition to have a family flutter on the big race and this year was no exception. I offered my daughter and son a fiver each to be split over two horses. My son didn't get back to me in time, but my daughter went for 'Hello Bud' and 'Beat The Boys' while I went for 'Snowy Morning' and 'Don't Push It'.

You can imagine the shouting and cheering in our house as the front four broke clear with two of our picks still in contention.

This result was the icing on the cake as I continue my adventure into the horse markets. Having had profitable days since my last up date, I went into today's racing with a stake level of £84. Having had a good afternoon and evening, with only 1 loser in 21 races, I managed to add over £38 to the pot.

That means that the £100 target was achieved, so I ring fence £20 leaving £104 to carry on to the next trading session.

So, a very good day with an over all profit of £86. Which means I've now recovered all of last month's losses and more. That's what I like to hear.


Anonymous said...

Bit of a schoolboy error not going for a bookie who paid top 5 places with Hello Bud coming 5th , Al.

Alistair said...

That wouldn't have made any difference as the bet was for the win. It wasn't an error. There was never any intention to look for a place.

It was the traditional family fun bet after all.

Handy Andy said...

Hi, I have been followig your blog for months with great interest and you have inspired me to start one of my own.

I would be grateful if you would list my blog. I have put yours on mine.



Alistair said...

Flattery will get you everywhere Andy.

All done and dusted. Your link in on the links page - funnily enough.