Oh Danny Boy...

... the pipes, the pipes are calling.

Does anyone remember this?

Danny, my number one fan, once promised not to bother me again after I told him I'd do what I want on my own blog. Despite this promise he has since sent numerous abusive and foul-mouthed comments. It doesn't seem to have registered in his immature brain that such comments will not be published.

Isn't it strange how the anonymity of the Internet makes some people behave in a way that they wouldn't normally do in 'real' life? It is a sad indictment of modern society that these people think that this behaviour is in anyway acceptable. Perhaps if their parents had shown them a bit more love and understanding they would have had a better chance of maturing into decent human beings.

There's a lot to be said for compulsory sterilisation!

Keep your childish comments coming Danny. You're only wasting your own time.


Paul said...

Well said, Alistair. Sometimes the net is like a circus full of brain damaged clowns. It's easy to hide behind a keyboard and carp, a lot harder to try and think of useful input.
Keep up the good work, Alistair and never mind the knockers (if you know what I mean!)

Paul (TradeShark) said...

You can't please everyone Al :-)

Everyone's an expert and as you say the anonymity of the net creates some very "brave" keyboard warriors.

The vast majority of the comments you get are positive and/or constructive which gives a better indication of the quality of the blog.

There has been a run of new bloggers recently. Not surprisingly those from the more vociferous comment writers only last a few weeks at most. It's a bigger commitment than people think :-)

Personally I take some twisted pleasure in knowing that I get under their skin enough for them to sit down and write the abuse.

I think their time could be better spent doing their homework though. They'll be kicked out of their "special" school if they fall any further behind.

Alistair said...

He's still at it so he must be finding the blog entertaining to some degree, given that he takes the time to read it and comment.

He's still refusing to do his homework though TS.

Thanks for the comments chaps.