Self-fulfilling Prophecy

If you were to go to see a lawyer, or a tax consultant, or some other guru in a particular field of expertise, you would do so for a reason would you not?

Having been advised by an expert, what would your reaction be? Would you take their advice and act upon it or would you ignore them or worse, tell them that they were talking rubbish? Would you, despite all the evidence they present before you, say that what you are being advised wouldn't work, couldn't work, doesn't work?

How do you think the consultant would feel? Many, I guess, would shrug their shoulders and think 'more fool you'. As long as they are being paid for the services rendered then they may very well be unperturbed by your attitude. Particularly if you provide them with repeat business, even if you are still asking the same questions (and getting the same answers).

I'm in a similar position in my working life. I have one particular client who continually ignores my advice, but I find it difficult to simply shrug my shoulders. Quite frankly, I find it insulting that he pays me good money only to dismiss my advice - assuming he actually reads my reports in the first place. At the end of the day, he pays the bills so I must do just that. Shrug my shoulders no matter how much it pisses me off or how undervalued it makes me feel.

What if you were looking not for legal or financial advice but had decided to jump into the murky waters of sports trading? Would you treat any advice you received with the same contempt?

Imagine if numerous successful traders where happy to advise you and answer your questions free of charge. Would you take on board what they had to say and seek to develop a rapport with them in order to benefit from their expertise? Or would you repeatedly ask the same questions because you didn't like the answer they gave you first, second or third time around?

Would you dismiss their advice or worse claim, indirectly or otherwise, that what they suggest is rubbish? Would you even consider how your attitude would effect them and positively discourage them for being so generous with their time and therefore stop helping others?

This trading lark is hard enough to master as it is, without the doomsayers harping on and on how impossible it is. It isn't. Many people succeed at this trading lark though obviously a good many fail as well, for a whole host of reasons. One thing you shouldn't do though when starting out is seek advice from those that are successful, only to turn round and tell them it can't be done, when quite clearly it can.

With that sort of attitude to your trading, it is likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Something to think about next time you need some help.


Selectabet said...

Nice post.

As a blogger myself I know it's only too easy for people to criticise. Feck them. If they don't want to take your advice it's up to them. You don't need to give it and they don't need to take it.

What I've realised is that for everyone that doesn't take the advice and tells you so, there are more who do but never tell you.

Keep telling it like it is mate.

Alistair said...

Thanks for the comment Selectabet.

A post inspired by the 'I want it all now and for nothing' brigade. Not to worry, I'm off my soapbox now and normal service is resumed... until the next time I get annoyed. :)