That Magic System

It seems to me that there are far to many people entering this field, trading or gambling, who want, if not expect, it to be a short cut to untold wealth. They seem to want experienced traders/punters to tell them what to do and constantly hold their hand without doing any of the really hard graft required to become successful.

I'm sorry to say boys and girls, that such a magic system does not exist. Indeed, any successful trader or gambler wouldn't, in their right mind, divulge the details of such a system if they had one in their possession. That doesn't stop many people trying of course.

You'll find loads of ebooks and services available over the Internet claiming to show you the way to untold, tax free riches. All for the ridiculously cheap price of £97, for a limited time only!

The phrase 'caveat emptor' springs to mind.

Whilst there is do doubt there are numerous suppliers trying to fob you off with useless, out of date systems, that doesn't mean that all such products are worthless or sold by charlatans. Keep in mind though that any genuine system, that works well, is unlikely to be sold because of the very clear danger that its edge will be eroded by popular use. When you see such products, the reason for its sale must be questioned.

That is not to say that all such products should be avoided. Quite the reverse. If you are willing to accept the fact that these do not represent the Holy Grail, and are willing to pay the price, then they can be useful as a spark for other ideas that may take you off down other avenues that you hadn't considered. Just do not expect miracles.

Equally, not everyone out there is a conman eager for your hard earned cash. There are many traders who are happy to help other traders. Some do it for money, others for altruistic reasons and some just because they can. None of them though will tell you everything they know. Secrets are secrets for a reason.

One thing you can do if you want to go down the ebook route is club together with your mates in order to spread the cost. Still, before forking out your life savings, research these products thoroughly and, where possible, get recommendations from people you know and trust. Even then, seriously consider the cost and decide whether it would not be better putting those funds into your betting bank where it could possibly be put to better use.

I know what I would do.

The best systems are those that you devise yourself through painstaking research, testing and refinement. It doesn't come easy and it takes a long time. There is NO quick fixes in this game. Think of it as an apprenticeship if you like, where the effort you put in now, all be it for little reward in the short term, will pay handsomely many months down the line.

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