Dumb, Dumber And Just Plain Stupid Part 2

Do I really need to repeat myself?

You are an utter disgrace Mr Blatter and the sooner you resign from FIFA the better the industry will be.


Handy Andy said...

I see you posted at half time but by the end of the game it didn't make any difference as we were poor by a long way!

Tactics were inept. Fab is not so fab after all!


TickSize said...

I find this country's hatred and abuse towards Sepp Blatter to be misguided, irrational and foolish.

Sepp Blatter whilst not solely responsible has made an error in my view regarding technology for crucial decisions. However Sepp Blatter has done great things in bringing the game of football to the world. Football fans in this country don't think of the development of the world game. Fans particularly in England where the game in rich and prosperous can only think of their own clubs and their own advancement.

Sepp Blatter is far from perfect but he has done much for the world game. He is chiefly responsible for bringing the World Cup to Africa. One thing he is not responsible is the exit of the English football team. Lampard's shot crossed the line but that's life, not Sepp Blatter's fault.

PhilipH said...

I agree. Not having any facility for checking if the ball is over the line is indefensible in such a major tournament.

I don't usually have a punt on two legged animals but today, on Betdaq, I had a couple of quid at 9.8 on Germany to win at both half and full time. Nice one! But why? Well, my reasoning was that if such a result ensued then I'd have SOME cause for celebration. I wouldn't have minded losing the bet but I just thought it seemed a reasonable price to me. I didn't try to trade either. Just a straight punt - which is what I do!

Alistair said...

First up, there's no doubt that the better team won and England were poor and have been throughout this tournament. They simply are not good enough.

My half time dig at Sepp Blatter was obviously triggered by that shocking decision in disallowing Lampard's goal. However, it is the result of a long list of things that's wrong with the game headed by Mr Blatter.

Reiterated once again in this evening's match between Argentina and Mexico the need for technology to assist in the officials in the major decisions they must make is clear to everyone watching the games today. Apart from FIFA that is.

The governing body's repeated refusal to move with the times, when every other major sport has done so, is quite absurd. Everyone in the industry is crying out for technology to be use, in whatever disguise.

Why Sepp Blatter and his cronies refuse to take that on board is beyond me. A typical politician.

PhilipH said...

Perhaps our own FA need to stop throwing £millions away too, along with many of our top football clubs.

The love of money is the root of all evil and THIS is possibly the biggest cause of failure. It continues to eat away in the game in this country. Importing foreign talent instead of cultivating our OWN talent costs exhorbitant amounts of cash. We see clubs going into administration because of stupid management decisions, high wages and greed.

Why did the FA negotiate a £6M pay deal for the England manager just before the world cup? Why not pay for RESULTS - incentive payments! It now seems that it could cost the FA some £12M to sack Fabio Capello should the knives come out.

Where is the sense in such an arrangement? Where is the sense in the FA as a whole? In a black hole, probably!