Hard At Work

I've been neglecting the blog of late due to the work I'm doing each evening as I investigate a new strategy. It is taking 1-2 hours each night to review the race cards for the following day, but the work is certainly showing that the strategy has great promise.

It's all on paper at the moment, though I have been putting small stakes in recently, and only for part of the strategy, and that is currently showing a 7 point profit. If the rest of the strategy holds for real as it is currently doing on paper then the results will be significantly better than that overall. Very early days of course and the test will be when I implement it for real for all elements of the plan.

One of the things that interests me with this particular idea is that it will allow me to trade the horse markets using the Betfair interface and consequently I would not have to rely on any API software. As is well documented elsewhere in this blog, as a Linux user there is a dearth of trading products available for my preferred platform (though it is better than it was) so having a viable alternative is of great interest.

Still, I'm getting ahead of myself. Lot's of testing and trials to be done yet before that happens, if ever.

Looking at the trading over the past week, it continues to go well, though I am still prone to really stupid mistakes and annoying bouts of lost focus. Take today for example. Using £45 stakes I started off with a £23 trade early in the afternoon. I then contrived to give it all away as the graphic below clearly demonstrates. Thankfully, my low stake trial mentioned above saved it from being a losing day.


PhilipH said...

Phew! You need such patience and concentration for a heck of a long time each day Alistair. I'm sure it would have me cream-crackered half-way through the sports!

I won about £9 today in very small, (50p to £1) bets with Hills and had two very close seconds which, had they held on, would have seen me up to around £30 in front. Still, musn't grumble, as the saying goes.

Cheers, Phil

Alistair said...

Now that you mention being cream-crackered Phil....

I frequently have a bad spell between 4:00 and 5:00 where I tend to lose focus, probably through fatigue. Sometimes I think it may be beneficial to take a break then. Easier said than done when there's another race along in a few minutes and a chance to get back on track.