Luck Of The Draw

Well, here we are again. The start of another World Cup Finals. I doubt that I'll be able to watch every game bar two like I managed four years ago. Still, it provides another opportunity for some father/son rivalry as Stuart and I divvy up the teams between us.

With money riding on each 'head to head' and that from any draw result thrown into the kitty to be picked up by the 'owner' of the tournament winners, there's a lot at stake.

Without the glitz, glamour, pomp and downright boredom of the official draw ceremony, we took it in turns to draw groups and pick two teams from each group. I very much doubt that I'll be able to emulate my success of 2006 where only one of Stuart's teams made it to the quarter finals. I seem to have drawn the short straw as Stuart has landed the top three in the winners market and I've been landed with England!

Oh the shame of it! A Scotsman who is going to be cheering for England! Only because there is money involved you understand. :)

Actually, I always want the home nations to do well against Johnny Foreigner and wish England well. I just don't want them to win for the simple reason that we'll never here the bloody end of it! Every time the topic of football comes up on TV or in the press, no matter how trivial and tenuous, it will be rammed down our throats.

So, here's to England, while I have money riding on it, after that, I'll be laughing my socks off at all the missed penalties to follow.

Let's hope the 2010 final will be just as memorable as the 2006 one.....

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PhilipH said...

The above website is a really good piece of programming if you want to know all the times, matches whys and wherefores of this footy festival.

For my part I don't really give a hoot as to which group of overpaid teams win.

I think football has been RUINED by greed and money. It sickens me, to be brutally frank.

Hopefully some good will come out of it for AFRICA and their people. But I guess all the rich pickings will end up in the pockets of those who have more than enough anyway!

I wish you every bit of good luck in your trading. England will probably lose some time in the last eight, probably on penalties!