Stop Press: FIFA Forced Into Change

After the furore caused by the poor decisions in today's games and the repeated calls for technology to be used, FIFA bow to pressure and change their ways, but refuse to go the full distance and meet everyone's demands, settling for a paintbrush instead!

Sepp Blatter is reputed to have said that FIFA was not insensitive to the wishes of players, coaching staff and fans alike but reiterated that football was a game of two halves - the haves and the have nots - and therefore it was impossible to implement technology at all levels and therefore the paintbrush was the best they could do, given the costs involved.

UPDATE 29 June: Sepp Blatter has announced that, having found some coppers down the back of the sofa, FIFA are going to revisit the idea of introducing technology into the modern game.

Don't hold your breath folks!

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PhilipH said...

Blatter Blather, what's the difference? Or should I say 'spot the difference'.