Totally Underwhelmed

Call me a miserable old sod if you like, but this World Cup is boring me to tears. The garbage served up so far has completely put me off and I find myself sitting trading the horse markets instead.

I remember the last World Cup when I spent the whole month parked in front of the TV. I watched every game that year, except when the last group games were on and I had to choose between concurrently played matches. I wish I had been trading then.

I had every intention of practising trading some of the football markets, but the matches so far have left me less than enthused about the idea. I've tried one match - France v Uruguay - and lost. Thankfully, the horse trading is going well, despite a bit of a roller coaster towards the tail end of last week.

Hopefully the football will liven up a bit as we get nearer the business end of the competition. Until then, I think I'll stick to the nags.


Handy Andy said...

New Zealand v Slovakia will be a classic!

Alistair said...

At least it had goals Andy. :)

PhilipH said...

What gets me is the huge whack that these 'cream of footy players' are paid so much for doing so darn little!

Boring rubbish, especially the England team performances! Portugal was not too bad to watch but there are some dreary games overall.

I reckon the whole thing is losing whatever appeal it once had.

Still, Wombledin is now on and I bet there were a few bottles twitching when Roger F was almost knocked out today!

I wonder if John Tuohy is having a dab at the tennis this year?