World Cup Woes

No, I'm not talking about England's latest crisis though it's no doubt not the last we'll here about Rio's training session injury. I feel for him anyway. Such a crap way to miss out on playing in a World Cup.

I was referring to my own private deliberations about the tournament and what to do from a trading point of view.

I'm going to take the opportunity to try out some basic correct score trading strategies in order to get some practice in for the 2010/11 domestic season. I need to expand my portfolio to give me something to trade the cold winter nights when there's no horse racing on. Football seems the obvious choice and it's something I've been putting off for far too long.

My main 'angle of attack' for the World Cup was to Dutch a team from each group that I think will progress with a view to trading out after the group stages. My problem lies in the fact that I'm finding it difficult to pull myself away from the rather obvious top eight and consequently, find any value.

I do fancy that there will be a shock in the group stages and one of the bigger teams will fail to qualify. But which one?

Of the teams that I think will go through without too much trouble are: ARGENTINA, ITALY, BRAZIL, SPAIN, GERMANY and, OK, I'll throw in ENGLAND as well. :) Trying to identify that one team that will unexpectedly go through is a little more difficult.

I can't help think that the eventual winner will be one of the South American teams. I'm not in the Spain camp at all which I guess tends to point the finger towards Brazil or Argentina (despite being coached by 'The Hand of God').

And, as you've no doubt started to realise, every time I look into this, I end up talking myself round in circles which is the cause of all my woes. I guess I'll end up just watching the matches. There's one thing for certain, if I leave my decision to the end, I'll be guaranteed to get the winner right. Trouble is, the odds will be pretty crap!

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