July 2010 Summary

Only my second losing month since I started this lark back in Feb 2008. Only £45 mind you so hardly a major disaster.

It was a frustratingly poor pre-race horse trading that did it for me, where I struggled all month to get going. There may be a number of reasons for that, but it all boils down to a decreasing level of confidence as the frustration set in.

Psychologically, I may have struggled after my staking levels hit £50 at the end of last month. Why that would be the case compared to using £45 for the few weeks before that, I have no idea. Even though I wasn't getting anywhere, I recognised that the mental barrier that this level may have created could be an issue, so rather than decrease my stakes I decided to weather the storm. Unfortunately, that didn't work.


I can safely say I am not enjoying this Goodwood festival. I had lays in another two races today and once again I found the winners. That's every race I've been involved in during this meeting has seen me find the winner. Very annoying.

Fortunately today, I recovered the losses with lays in other races and finished the day 0.51 points in profit. Any profit is good profit as they say, but I'm beginning to wonder if I should stay away from the Goodwood races tomorrow.

Slow Recovery

At the risk of tempting fate, I'm pleased to say that the lay system is slowly recovering from the big hit it took on Tuesday having recovered nearly half of the losses. Hopefully the trend will continue over the next few days.

I'm still staying away from the trading but taking the opportunity to think about what to do next. I'm likely to start another 'trial' which I'll discuss later once I've got all the details sorted. It will be aimed at getting me back into longer term trading of the horses and away from scalping which I have fallen back into this month and something that has been shown time and time again I'm not good at.

Other than that, there's not much to report. I'll save it all for my monthly summary this weekend.

Not So Glorious Goodwood

Yesterday I mentioned that I felt I had dodged a small bullet with my lays. Today, I was hit full in the face with the shot from a blunderbuss!

When I embarked on this lay system trial using real money, I fully expected to have the odd bad day. Today it arrived big time losing 20 pts over eight races.

The tone for the day was set in the afternoon at Goodwood with me finding the winner in the three races I had lays in at the West Sussex course. I had one successful lay at Beverley to leave me some 14 pts down as I moved into the evening cards.

Marching On

I'm pleased to say that the lay system I've been working on is progressing nicely. Unfortunately I was away for the weekend and missed out on 16 points worth of profit - which I haven't included in the running total in the side bar.

Today was a little less rewarding with only 1.9 points added to the pile, and even then, that was down to the last race where, after the previous seven in which I had lays, I was, believe it or not, all square. Still any profit is always welcome.

The Experiment Continues

Back on the laying trail once more today and another profitable day. 7.4 points to be precise, though the total for the day was slightly less than that due to trading those races where no lay picks were involved.

I wish I knew what was wrong with my trading. It really has gone to pot this month.

Anyway, much of my monthly deficit has been recovered through the lay system so here's hoping that continues. Progress will have to wait a few days though as I have other commitments over the weekend.

Good luck to you all for the weekend and in the meantime I've started posting the lay system running total at the end of each update for anyone that is interested.

Lay system running total since 20 July: 21.1 pts (Note: I've now stuck this over in the side bar)

Time To Get Serious

Having spent the past two months paper trialling a horse lay system which has accumulated over 200 paper points in the process, I thought it was about time that I started taking it seriously. With a return like that, I'd be foolish to ignore it.

With my trading hitting a brick wall and bouncing backwards this month, I've changed tack and cut the trading both in terms of amount of races I get involved in as well as stake sizes used. Instead, I'm concentrating on those races where the lay system has identified picks and restricted any trading to those races where there are none.

What A Shocker!

July looks like being a losing month. Only my second since I started some thirty months ago. It's been a bit of a roller coaster to be honest, and I'm on a steep downward slope at the moment having had had my 6th losing day on the trot yesterday.

I shouldn't really have traded yesterday as I was in the process of setting up a new computer after my main box decided to blow a gasket, or at least the power supply did. Don't you just love the smell of fried electronics?

The Daily Tipster

Some of you may have noticed a comment posted by Andy from The Daily Tipster, introducing his service/website and requesting a link exchange, which I was happy to do.

I haven't had the time to review his service, but, as it appears to be free (Andy if that's not the case, please let me know) so I thought I'd flag it up in a dedicated post just in case any of you didn't read his initial comment.

You've Got to Laugh

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes to plan? Happens to me all the time. Never more so than in the world of gambling.

My trading has been very poor of late so yesterday I took the opportunity to invest in a a couple of strategies that I'd been paper trialling. The first was a back/lay plan were I'd look for 3 ticks and take them in play if necessary. The second was a Dutching plan that has consistently shown around 40% ROI on paper since I started it.

Stop Start Month

July is proving to be a bit of a frustrating month, and not just the trading. I've been on a long term project of completely re-landscaping the back garden. Starting from a blank canvass, many an hour has been spent, digging and shovelling gravel, but at least I'm more or less ready to start planting.

The trouble is, I keep getting rained off or doing myself an injury (sitting in front of a computer for the past twenty years has done nothing for my fitness) which has meant the process is taking longer than I would have liked. Coupled with the fact that I probably bit of more than I can chew! :)

Disappointing Start To The Month

I took the first few days off from trading, that was the idea anyway, and spent the weekend at Knockhill racing circuit in Fife for the British Superbikes.

Knockhill is renowned for having its own micro-climate. It's not unusual to have torrential rain there when all around is basked in glorious sunshine. Equally the opposite is true. I've been there when in bright warm sunshine while the surrounding countryside is darkened by thunder storms.

Lady Justice

If there is one thing I hate to see, it is injustice. In all walks of life I cannot abide the unfairness that life throws at us and I get really angry when I see someone suffer unjustly.

I've been riled a lot recently with the World Cup on. Bad decisions, bad laws of the game, bad sportsmanship and bad leadership.

The events of tonight have illustrated yet again what is wrong with the game of football. Ghana have been denied a first semi-final appearance for an African nation by a blatant act of foul play by Luis Suarez of Uruguay. In the full knowledge that he'd be sent off, Suarez's deliberate hand ball on the goal line prevented a certain goal by Ghana. A goal in the last minute of extra time that would have seen them go through to a semi-final match against Holland.

OK, Ghana were awarded a penalty as a result, but there was always a chance of them missing it. Which of course they did. This was the exact gamble Suarez took and his act of foul play (I'd go so far as call it cheating) saw the match decided on penalties in favour of the South Americans.