Disappointing Start To The Month

I took the first few days off from trading, that was the idea anyway, and spent the weekend at Knockhill racing circuit in Fife for the British Superbikes.

Knockhill is renowned for having its own micro-climate. It's not unusual to have torrential rain there when all around is basked in glorious sunshine. Equally the opposite is true. I've been there when in bright warm sunshine while the surrounding countryside is darkened by thunder storms.

Spending a weekend at Knockhill requires one to kit out for all seasons, but the weather we had over the weekend just past was the worse I've ever seen there. Gale force winds, torrential rain and hail all meant that little racing took place.

On race day, the first superbike race was cut from 30 laps to 15 after two downpours when the heavens opened brought out the red flag. Most of the support races were cancelled and those that did take place also had their distance cut. The second superbike race was red flagged after the howling winds caused a 5 bike pile up at the first corner as 30 or so mad bikers tried to squeeze round the first two bends.

After a 30 min delay, the meeting was called off with thousands of spectators having witnessed only three races. Such is racing and the vagaries of the British weather and Knockhill in particular. Just typical that after two months of glorious weather, a rather nasty summer storm would sweep through the country that weekend.

Although I wasn't intending to do any trading, I've managed to squeeze a few races in over the past 5 days. They've gone as well as the superbikes so enough said about that the better. I'm back in the chair today though looking to get the month started properly - now that I've dried out.


Didd said...

Hi Alistair,

Your blog is great I've followed it since listening to your radio interview. I've recently started a trading blog please could you consider adding it to your follow list


Alistair said...

Happy to trade links Didd. I'll get it sorted over the weekend.

Alistair said...

I got there in the end Didd. Only a week late. You'll find your blog linked on the links page via the top menu.

Didd said...

Thanks for posting the link. I've read your latest post and am very familiar with how having back to back losing days can feel, as I have them most weeks. However I believe that the question is not if but when your will your perseverance start to pay off; as long as you keep up the hard work. Good luck with todays markets.