The Experiment Continues

Back on the laying trail once more today and another profitable day. 7.4 points to be precise, though the total for the day was slightly less than that due to trading those races where no lay picks were involved.

I wish I knew what was wrong with my trading. It really has gone to pot this month.

Anyway, much of my monthly deficit has been recovered through the lay system so here's hoping that continues. Progress will have to wait a few days though as I have other commitments over the weekend.

Good luck to you all for the weekend and in the meantime I've started posting the lay system running total at the end of each update for anyone that is interested.

Lay system running total since 20 July: 21.1 pts (Note: I've now stuck this over in the side bar)


Mark Iverson said...

Excellent Alistair - fingers crossed it continues!

Alistair said...

Hi Mark, long time no 'speak'. Thanks for popping by and the good wishes.

Early days of course, but I have everything crossed that can be crossed and some things that can't. Oh! Matron!