Marching On

I'm pleased to say that the lay system I've been working on is progressing nicely. Unfortunately I was away for the weekend and missed out on 16 points worth of profit - which I haven't included in the running total in the side bar.

Today was a little less rewarding with only 1.9 points added to the pile, and even then, that was down to the last race where, after the previous seven in which I had lays, I was, believe it or not, all square. Still any profit is always welcome.

To be honest, it should have been a loss today as I didn't notice I had a third selection in the 5:15 at Yarmouth. Normally I'd miss out the race if I had three picks in a six runner field. On this occasion, the horse I missed went on to win the race while I collected on the two I had laid. I small bullet dodged there.

I didn't do any trading today, and I will probably keep it that way until the end of the month. My little break gave me an opportunity to start taking stock and reflect on what has been a poor month for me, trading wise. While I think I know where I've been going wrong, I haven't really decided what to do about it as yet and thought it worthwhile to take the rest of the month off in order to collect my thoughts.

In the meantime, I shall be continuing with the lay system which has clearly shown great promise. Here's hoping it continues.


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Ali,

Would be interested to know the ave. price of the horses you are laying as this would give some indication on how well your system is performing.

All the best mate.


Alistair said...

I don't want to give too much away Mark for obvious reasons, but I can say that, as the lay system stands, I don't lay above odds of 6.40.

That may well change sometime in the future, who knows, but I imagine not any time soon.