Not So Glorious Goodwood

Yesterday I mentioned that I felt I had dodged a small bullet with my lays. Today, I was hit full in the face with the shot from a blunderbuss!

When I embarked on this lay system trial using real money, I fully expected to have the odd bad day. Today it arrived big time losing 20 pts over eight races.

The tone for the day was set in the afternoon at Goodwood with me finding the winner in the three races I had lays in at the West Sussex course. I had one successful lay at Beverley to leave me some 14 pts down as I moved into the evening cards.

My luck didn't change much in the evening with lays in four races and me finding the winner in two of them.

So, four fifths of the running total wiped out in a few hours, but, as I said, it is in the nature of this that a losing run will happen. I could do with it not all coming at once though. :)

This is a long term project and looking back over the paper records the returns for each month have been: MAY (from 25th when I started) - +23.5 pts, JUNE - +81.7 pts and JULY to date - +107.1 pts. In that time, there's been another two days like today with a lot of winners.

So although today was a setback and it wasn't unprecedented, it is relatively rare, so I fully expect to see the points total climbing again over the coming weeks.


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Alistair said...

Sorry Markus, I don't use Facebook. I spend enough time as it is parked in front of my computer without getting involved in social networking sites.