Stop Start Month

July is proving to be a bit of a frustrating month, and not just the trading. I've been on a long term project of completely re-landscaping the back garden. Starting from a blank canvass, many an hour has been spent, digging and shovelling gravel, but at least I'm more or less ready to start planting.

The trouble is, I keep getting rained off or doing myself an injury (sitting in front of a computer for the past twenty years has done nothing for my fitness) which has meant the process is taking longer than I would have liked. Coupled with the fact that I probably bit of more than I can chew! :)

The slow progress is reflected in my trading at the moment. Since I started again with £10 stakes earlier in the year, I've been slowly reinvesting the profit to build my stake levels up. Whenever I hit a sticky patch, I cut the stake back a little and rebuilt.

Two or three weeks ago, my staking hit the £50 mark and with it, a brick wall seems to have descended. I'm running about scratch at the moment having both small winning days as well as losing ones.

On this occasion, I'm reluctant to drop my stakes again as I believe the issue is purely psychological and I simply need to weather the storm as it were. I can see no other reason why my performance should be so different when using £50 as opposed to the returns when using £40 or £45. It is taking a little longer to get through this than I would have liked, but get through it I will.

It's a bit disappointing with regard my end of summer target of achieving £50/day. That looks a long way away at the moment.


PhilipH said...

Nerves? Perhaps? If you take £40 as against £50 stakes that's a 25% increase in risk. Or am I well wrong, as the teenagers might put it?

When I tried my hand at 'trading' I would be placing between £1 and £4 per selection. Then I'd try to trade out by laying, always leaving my bet to continue in running. I made plenty of good 'trades' that way but in order to win I needed my selection to win! My small stakes meant that 'greening up' was usually not an option. I wouldn't have the nerve to try £10 stakes, let alone £40/£50 - so that's why I gave up the struggle and fell back on having a straight punt.

Anyway Ali, I wish you every success. You deserve it after all the effort and concentration you expend.

thedailytipsterblog said...

Hi Alistair,

I'd like to invite you and your readers to look at my horse race betting system that I started running a few months ago. It differs from some systems in that it selects horses that are considered to be over priced, so it is useful for people who want to back to win or for traders also. The selections are posted live to my website and I report the results and progress on my blog

I have put up links to your website on both of my sites. Would you mind putting up links to my sites on your blog?

Any comments or suggestions would be welcome. I started the system at the start of the year and so far it has produced consistent profits of 10%.


Alistair said...

Andy, thanks for the links. I've reciprocated on my links page.

Alistair said...

Thanks for the wishes Phil. I had another struggle today, losing nearly half my stake over the day, £14 of disappeared in the last race.

I just might have to give in and reduce my stakes again if I can't get things back on track soon.