Black Wednesday

With obvious reference to the tumultuous events nearly 18 years ago, I suffered my own devaluation in the lay system today. Having suffered a late turnaround yesterday evening, the run of winning lays continued today. Out of 9 lays I had today, I managed to find 5 winners and completely blow the recovery I was experiencing clean out of the water.

So, after nearly 3 weeks of putting real money into the system, I'm slightly down. 1.78 points to be precise. However, my 100pt bank I set aside for this little exercise is more or less intact and I move on to the next day, but it is difficult to hide my disappointment with how this is progressing, or not as the case may be.

Today wasn't helped by some very shoddy trading on my part. resulting in one of the biggest daily losses I've had for some time.

Never mind, onwards and upwards...


leonthefixer said...

Hi Alistair,

Don't be so hard on yourself about this system - remember it is long term so if you are on a bad losing run and still break even it isn't doing too bad.

You would be better looking at the positives rather than the negatives all the time!

Just think what good it is doing for avoiding the Premium Charge!

I would love a break even system myself!

Best of luck with it going forward.


Alistair said...

You should know by now Leon, I'm always hard on myself. :)

I'm in this for the long term unless my bank is blown of course. The disappointment is that the system isn't showing the returns it did on paper. Having said that, the system is based on form figures and as the summer season winds on, perhaps it is a simple case of many runners coming into better form. It's too early to say to be honest.

Of course, we're coming up to another change when we move into the winter racing. That may see another shift that I may have to adjust things for.

Thanks for popping by.