Lay System Update

The lay system has picked up a bit over the past few days I'm pleased to say and I'm hopeful that that will continue. Having started putting real money on the picks two and a half weeks ago, things have nearly recovered after the bad run I had midway through.

It is in the nature of the system that bad runs will happen, and I am prepared for that, but I'm obviously happy that things have recovered.. With a bit of luck, things will kick on now and start showing the kind of monthly returns I saw in May, June and July, on paper at least.

For anyone following my little experiment in the forum entitled Dobby the Elf, I'm pleased to say that moved into profit over the past couple of days. Still a very experimental system, one in which I expect prolonged losing runs. Back filling my records over the past couple of months saw a losing run of 26 picks and another in the high teens, yet a paper profit of nearly 70pts was achieved over that period.

I'll be disappointed if I don't see at least 20pts in profit come the end of August. If that sort of return continues, then it is clearly worth doing for real.

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