Not The Best Of Starts

August has not started in the way that I had hoped. At least not as far as the laying is concerned. Three losing days out of three with today being the worst. I'm now down over 14 points in three days.

Actually, I cannot believe the number of winners I've been laying recently. Since the start of the Goodwood meeting a week ago, I've managed to lay nineteen winning horses. As Victor Meldrew would say, "I don't believe it". I'd be better off just selecting them with a pin!

Isn't it funny how things so often go wonky whenever real money is used? It doesn't matter how long you paper trial things, whenever the padlocks are taken off the wallet the wheels come off the bus. I'm nowhere near blowing the bank I set aside for this exercise however, so I'll bash on despite this little blip. Indeed, I'm still in profit which is what matters, though I could do with a change in fortunes sometime soon.

For those that haven't noticed. I've introduced another trial over on the forum. Full details in the Dobby The Elf thread.

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