Par For The Course

Isn't it just typical on the day after I decide to halt feeding the lay system with real money it turns around and gives me a completely win free day? Sod's Law, Murphy's Law? I can never remember.

I'll continue to monitor it's progress for the rest of the month as if I was putting cash on. However, until I figure out whether the poor performance over the past three weeks is a natural blip in the system and only to be expected, or something a bit more fundamental in the selection process I'll be keeping my wallet tightly padlocked and accept the 34pt loss I've incurred this month.

Now we all know what is going to happen don't we?

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stevethemook said...

Hi mate

I've recently had to move my blog and I've created a new list of fellow bloggers. I've added a link to yours and would be grateful if you could return the favour



PS - the "best" bit isn't an ego thing, it's just that I had to come up with a new url thanks to not liking gambling blogs :-(