September 2010 Summary

I'll get the bad news out of the way first shall I?

I've had a really poor past 4 days that have seen me wipe out over 25% of this months profit that I had built up. An element of gross carelessness has crept into my trading which I am really peeved about. I'll sort it out soon enough and get back on track.

The good news is I'm in profit for the month. Having had a loss for the previous two months I'm delighted to have turned that corner. More importantly, this week's performance aside, I have been particularly pleased with the horse trading. Hopefully that will continue as I move into October and the start of the traditionally difficult season. (I find it difficult all the time but that is another story).

RIP BinarySoft BDI

It seems that the Betfair API has finally killed BinarySoft BDI. This day was going to come sometime since the original developer of BDI decided to throw in the towel back in May 2008.

Tantalisingly Close

Many moons ago I started trading with £10 in my Betfair account in a last ditch effort to finally make this gambling lark pay. A frustrating career of football bets had finally taken its toll and I was completely disillusioned with the whole business. One more attempt and if the bank gets burned that was it. I vowed there and then to never feed a gambling account with any more of my hard earned cash.

Within a year, I had turned that £10 into close to £6000 through the horse place markets, the greyhounds and some bet matching making use of freebies from the bookmakers. The future looked bright and I launched into the second year with eager anticipation. If my first year progress was repeated, I saw no reason why I wouldn't hit close to 5 figures in my second year alone.

End Of Home Selection Trial For Sept

With no more picks available for Sept, it is time to draw the trial to a close for this month.

Full details of the trial can be found on the forum, but here's a quick summary...

As indicated by the initial trial during the summer, despite the selection process being originally intended to find home teams to win, it instead tended to find shorter priced teams that were, generally, not any value. Consequently, the value was in laying them.

Keep On Dobbing Those Trebles

One of the best days I've had in some time, thanks in no small part to the dobbing treble idea I introduced in my last post.

Once again, I earned myself a 'free' bet by having a decent trade and greening up accordingly, the profits from which I was then able to use as the stake for the next treble attempt.

First up was a £10 bet @6.20 on Rockweiller in the 3:55 at Haydock with the closing trade of £20 @3.10 comfortably matched in-running. That meant I had £19.50 after commission to take through to the next race.

Madcap Free Bet Treble

Here's a madcap idea I've been toying with in recent times, with some success I might add....

I try to give myself a free bet on a treble of evens shots by first getting myself into an all green position in a race. I try to aim for £10 green, which I then use as my 'free' stake money.

I then look through the day's card for horses that will halve in price in running, commonly referred to as DOBs (Double or Bust). Actually, I have a short list prepared before racing begins, though I don't finalise my pick until just before the off and I've seen the markets and heard what the pundits on William Hill Radio have to say. When I remember, I mention the picks concerned in the chat room.

Change Of Fortune?

At the risk of tempting fate, I've had a good weekend as far as horse trading is concerned with Saturday and Sunday accounting for nearly £130. Indeed, since last Wednesday my trading of the win markets has seen a very health £200+ profit coming my way, which is very welcome.

The question I need to try and answer is why?

I've certainly found the markets easier to read of late. This may be down, in no small part, to me feeling a lot more relaxed about my trading in recent days. What ever it may be, here's to it continuing.

Disappearing Blogs

Every couple of months or so, I wade through the links page to check that the links listed there are still up and running. Yesterday, I noticed a few that are no longer there.

'Rebel Duke', 'Micks Gamble', 'Betting Blog', 'The Betting Pro' and 'All Day And Night At The Dogs' have all fallen by the wayside in recent weeks.

It's always sad to see a much loved blog disappear, but it is the nature of the beast. It requires a lot of effort and dedication, not to mention enthusiasm, to maintain a blog with regular updates. So it is understandable why bloggers would decide the effort wasn't worth the rewards.

No Need To Worry

Well, that was a bit of a turn up for the books. My early morning concerns for another poor day laying proved wholly unfounded, though it didn't look that way when the first animal I got involved in went on to win.

After that initial setback, everything went swimmingly well ending up the day over 20 points up and the running total for the month breaking through the 50 points mark. Long may that continue.


Sorry, I didn't realise that it's over a week since I last posted. Doesn't time fly when wading through one's accounts/tax return? I am easily distracted from that extremely tedious process so I'm surprised I haven't updated the blog.

I'm still not finished it, so don't expect loads of posts over the next week, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to flag up this curious aspect to the lay system where it seems to suffer whenever there is a major meeting/festival on.

Regular readers may have noticed that the P&L had risen to the mid 40s after the first few days of September. Over the past two days, with the big meeting on at Doncaster in particular, it has taken a bit of a hit and now sits at, a still very respectable, 29 pts. Having observed this phenomenon, if I can call it that, during previous big meetings, I'm a little apprehensive regarding today's races.

No Chicken Counting Here!

It's been a terrific start to the month for the lay system with over 35 points in the bag in just three days. However, as the first two weeks in August showed, it can so easily, and quickly for that matter, all go pair shaped and hit a prolonged losing run.

Nothing has hatched yet, so there'll be no counting on my part. I'll wait until the end of the month, but here's hoping the trend continues.

The latest instalment of the Home Selection Trial starts tomorrow. Head over there to see what's going on and if there's any hope for me.