Change Of Fortune?

At the risk of tempting fate, I've had a good weekend as far as horse trading is concerned with Saturday and Sunday accounting for nearly £130. Indeed, since last Wednesday my trading of the win markets has seen a very health £200+ profit coming my way, which is very welcome.

The question I need to try and answer is why?

I've certainly found the markets easier to read of late. This may be down, in no small part, to me feeling a lot more relaxed about my trading in recent days. What ever it may be, here's to it continuing.

Other areas haven't been so good. The lay system has stagnated this past week and dropped a few points over the weekend. Nothing significant though and I'm sure it will pick up again soon. It has shown in the past that weekends in particular tend to be either big losers or big winners. They rarely seem to be anything in between.

Although the horse racing takes precedence, I'm starting to trade football matches more regularly. Early days with that but I'm confident that that will progress this season. I miss a lot of potential matches over the weekend due to the nags, but I mustn't spread my feeble concentration too thinly.

While I'm happy with the way the football trading is coming along, I can hardly say the same for my weekend punts, where I seem plagued by draws these days. Not to worry, these punts have always been funded by trading profit and help to satisfy what remains of the gambler in me as well as give me something to shout at the TV.

Looking forward to next week to continue this progress.

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PhilipH said...

Very pleased to read of your trading success! I think you have hammered the head of the nail when you think your relaxed attitude has helped. One always relaxes when the tension subsides and the brain functions much better as a result.
Keep it going.