Disappearing Blogs

Every couple of months or so, I wade through the links page to check that the links listed there are still up and running. Yesterday, I noticed a few that are no longer there.

'Rebel Duke', 'Micks Gamble', 'Betting Blog', 'The Betting Pro' and 'All Day And Night At The Dogs' have all fallen by the wayside in recent weeks.

It's always sad to see a much loved blog disappear, but it is the nature of the beast. It requires a lot of effort and dedication, not to mention enthusiasm, to maintain a blog with regular updates. So it is understandable why bloggers would decide the effort wasn't worth the rewards.

The Bet Your Life blog as been on the go in its current guise for two and a half years now. Like many other traders, I set the blog up initially to help with my discipline, but also to show that it was possible to make a reasonable amount of money when starting from small beginnings.

To all intents and purposes, the blog finished serving that purpose months ago, though given my performance this past year, I could argue that it needs to get back to those roots. After all that time, it is getting more and more difficult to keep the posts going without repeating the same old stuff. That's the principle reason that the number of posts have declined drastically this year.

Just looking at the archives, I made 267 posts in 2008 (and the blog only started at the end of March), 246 in 2009 and, in the 8-9 months of 2010, I've made 126 (including this one).

Despite this drop, and the ever increasing difficulty of finding something to say, as long as I'm trading, I'll continue blogging.


PhilipH said...

I agree Ali: blogging is something that I initially found quite absorbing but the urge to create a new one does tend to dwindle down.
I generally have a gander at a few, including this one of yours, but seldom comment. It is just the way it goes.
Anyway, very happy to read your Saturday post and your laying punts have come good. I had a near hit with the first two races at Newmarket today. I backed Jim Crowley's mount in each race and took 13-2 in race 1 and 25-1 in race 2. They were both placed, and the race 2 (Matilda Waltz) returned at 50-1, so I had a nice little return for my two ew singles and an ew double with Mr. W. Hill. I am a great admirer of Jim Crowley - especially when he rides one of Linda Perret's nags.
Cheers, Phil

Alistair said...

Well done on the profit today Phil. Only trading profit today came in the last few races at Wolverhampton. I've spent most of the day providing a free taxi service for my daughter and her pals. Seeing as it is her birthday, I didn't complain too much. :)

The lay system had a great start to the month, though it has stalled a bit this week. Still, 56 points profit for the month so far is not to be sniffed at.