End Of Home Selection Trial For Sept

With no more picks available for Sept, it is time to draw the trial to a close for this month.

Full details of the trial can be found on the forum, but here's a quick summary...

As indicated by the initial trial during the summer, despite the selection process being originally intended to find home teams to win, it instead tended to find shorter priced teams that were, generally, not any value. Consequently, the value was in laying them.

The thread on the forum contains all the details, but here I replicate the graph which clearly summarises the results.

As this graph only represent 31 selections I'll continue to monitor this as the season progresses but early indications are clear. Laying these picks looks like the way to go.


Mr Traderman said...

HI Ali
Have you looked at you selections from a money management perspective i.e. Uncle scrooges 1/4 kelly etc.?

Just wondering if applying this might give you less volatility in your PNL?

Alistair said...

Too early for that Mr T. At the moment, I'm just trying to establish if there are long term possibilities there so will stick to level stakes in the meantime.