Sorry, I didn't realise that it's over a week since I last posted. Doesn't time fly when wading through one's accounts/tax return? I am easily distracted from that extremely tedious process so I'm surprised I haven't updated the blog.

I'm still not finished it, so don't expect loads of posts over the next week, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to flag up this curious aspect to the lay system where it seems to suffer whenever there is a major meeting/festival on.

Regular readers may have noticed that the P&L had risen to the mid 40s after the first few days of September. Over the past two days, with the big meeting on at Doncaster in particular, it has taken a bit of a hit and now sits at, a still very respectable, 29 pts. Having observed this phenomenon, if I can call it that, during previous big meetings, I'm a little apprehensive regarding today's races.

Interesting none the less. It all adds to the data and knowledge of course, and it may well be that next year I simply give the lay system a break during these periods.

As for my everyday, run of the mill, horse trading.... it's all been pretty quiet. I've been experimenting in a couple of areas.

For example, I'm been looking at early backing of the top rated horses from Adrian Massey's site with a view to leaving them until near the off before trading out. The jury's still out on that one as it's very much swings and roundabouts. The main problem being that it is difficult to get any reasonable amount of money on them - except when they drift of course. As a result, the ones that go against you initially have the potential to lose more than can be covered by the ones that go the right way.

I've also been looking at building up a green on one horse, then trying to trade out at a lower price in running. This has morphed into getting myself a nice greened up position in order to give me a free bet on subsequent races which I roll over into subsequent races in an attempt to get three in a row. That's the gambler in me coming out I suppose, but it's putting some fun back into the process which was sadly lacking over recent months.

This of course only works if I manage to trade myself into a green position in the first place. A task that I've not always been successful at as you well know. Still, so far, I'm in profit for the month and that's what counts.

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