Keep On Dobbing Those Trebles

One of the best days I've had in some time, thanks in no small part to the dobbing treble idea I introduced in my last post.

Once again, I earned myself a 'free' bet by having a decent trade and greening up accordingly, the profits from which I was then able to use as the stake for the next treble attempt.

First up was a £10 bet @6.20 on Rockweiller in the 3:55 at Haydock with the closing trade of £20 @3.10 comfortably matched in-running. That meant I had £19.50 after commission to take through to the next race.

I dropped the 50p and stuck £19 @9.00 on Mass Rally in the 4:20 at Ascot. The closing trade was successfully matched @4.50 giving me £37.05 to carry on to the third selection.

When I'm doing these rolling accumulators, I like to extract a little profit as I go, so for the third bet, I only used £25 thus protecting my initial 'free' bet which would give me another go if the third bet failed.

I need not have worried as Dream of Olwyn duly obliged in the 5:05 at Haydock having been backed @6.40 and closed off in-running @3.20.

In the end, a very easy £51 profit, all generated by making a good trade and using the greened up profit from that as the stake for the treble attempt. I'm liking this idea more and more, and one day, I might to for 4,5 or even 6 in a row. You never know.

The rest of today's profit was made up from another profitable batch of pre-race trading and the lay system, which put in another decent day taking the running total for September to over 65pts. Long may that continue.


Mets said...

I like your style!! Might give this a go myself, as it adds another angle to trading and perhaps even a bit of excitement :)

Alistair said...

Good luck if you have a go Mets. It is obviously a gamble, but it's been working for me.

Mike said...

have always loved dobbing but im afraid you maths is out or you made a typo as a dob with a £10 stake would yield a £9.50 profit not £19.50 as stated.

Alistair said...

Hi Mike,

No typo. Keep in mind the essence of this post was a rolling treble. So the £19.50 refers to the £9.50 profit from the DOB you correctly point out AND the original £10 stake.

£19.50 to be carried over to the next leg of the treble.