Madcap Free Bet Treble

Here's a madcap idea I've been toying with in recent times, with some success I might add....

I try to give myself a free bet on a treble of evens shots by first getting myself into an all green position in a race. I try to aim for £10 green, which I then use as my 'free' stake money.

I then look through the day's card for horses that will halve in price in running, commonly referred to as DOBs (Double or Bust). Actually, I have a short list prepared before racing begins, though I don't finalise my pick until just before the off and I've seen the markets and heard what the pundits on William Hill Radio have to say. When I remember, I mention the picks concerned in the chat room.

Just before the off I place a back bet then place a corresponding lay at half the odds to 'keep' so that, should it get matched in running, I'll double my money. I then re-invest the profits and the original free stake until a hit a loser, or my rolling treble comes in.

Note that three picks at evens invested this way would yield a profit of 7 points, or £70 in my case. However, if you want to try this at home, remember to take into account Betfair commission.

e.g. Stake on first pick would be £10. The stake on the second would be £10 + (£10 * 0.95) = £19.50 and the stake on the third would be £19.50 + (£19.50 * 0.95) = £38.03. Assuming all three came in, this would yield a profit of £9.50 + £18.53 + £36.13 = £64.16 which is more than acceptable from a 'free' bet.

Of course, one can take this further and keep going, though my preference is to take some profit on the way. For example, after the first two are successful, take out £10 to give yourself another free attempt and take the rest forward for another two races before taking some more out. Keep going until you fail or you get rich. Which ever comes sooner.

It can be an interesting challenge to see how far you can stretch the initial 'free' bet.

Of course, the secret with any system is getting your picks right in the first place. Therein lies the rub. If it were easy, we'd all be rich.

If you want to discuss the DOB treble, then feel free to pop into the chat room during trading. Please note that if I'm in the middle of a trade you may not necessarily get a quick answer. Alternatively, head over to the forum and open a topic there.

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