RIP BinarySoft BDI

It seems that the Betfair API has finally killed BinarySoft BDI. This day was going to come sometime since the original developer of BDI decided to throw in the towel back in May 2008.

I'll always have found memories of this software. Not only was it an excellent application and in many ways ahead of it's time, if it wasn't for BinarySoft, I wouldn't have got into trading. Being a Linux user, it was the only thing available to me at the time. This, and its unique interface, which I really took too having tried out 'traditional' applications on Windows, allowed me to make that one final attempt at earning some money from sports betting. I haven't looked back since.

After development was stopped, the application still worked. The developer assured existing subscribers that they could carry on using it until any changes Betfair made to the API caused it to fall over.

This past year it has been showing signs of that day coming. Today seems to be the day. I've been using BetTrader Evo for the past 2-3 months in any case, but I specifically wanted to use BinarySoft today in the two 2 runner races at Salisbury. BinarySoft's unique way of combining two runner fields in the one ladder made it extraordinarily easy to arb between the runners.

Unfortunately, I was presented with the API error message box shown above. The first time I've ever seen it. So it looks like it has finally fallen over.

Rest In Peace BinarySoft BDI. You shall be missed.

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