Tantalisingly Close

Many moons ago I started trading with £10 in my Betfair account in a last ditch effort to finally make this gambling lark pay. A frustrating career of football bets had finally taken its toll and I was completely disillusioned with the whole business. One more attempt and if the bank gets burned that was it. I vowed there and then to never feed a gambling account with any more of my hard earned cash.

Within a year, I had turned that £10 into close to £6000 through the horse place markets, the greyhounds and some bet matching making use of freebies from the bookmakers. The future looked bright and I launched into the second year with eager anticipation. If my first year progress was repeated, I saw no reason why I wouldn't hit close to 5 figures in my second year alone.

Unfortunately, it hasn't panned out that way. For some reason, I hit brick wall after brick wall. Far from making £10K in my second year, I barely managed to pass £9K for the two years put together.

Two and a half years into this adventure, the £10K in profit since starting with £10 in Feb 2008 has become a bit of a monkey which I'll be glad to get of my back. I'm so close! Indeed, I scraped passed it on Sunday afternoon only for me to fall away again this week with some shocking trading on Monday and more so today.

Everything I touched went the wrong way today, and to top it all, the lay system had a nightmare as well with three winners knocking it back somewhat and almost doubling my losses for the day. It's been a pretty good month as well, but more of that tomorrow when I do my monthly summary.

In the meantime, I'm planning to shoot the monkey in the next few days. It would have been nice to get it done for the end of this month. Not to worry if I don't. I've waited so long, another few days is neither here nor there.


PhilipH said...

If you spot a nag named "Frustration" at any time I'd go 'all in' on it! Part and parcel of trading I guess, and of punting!

On top of that your trading program has now been kicked out by Betfair. Hope everything works out well next month Ali. Phil

Alistair said...

Thanks for the comment Phil. Apologies for not responding sooner.

Progress certainly has been slow in recent months, but at least progress is being made, even if there is the odd hiccup.

October has started reasonably well, especially as far as the laying is concerned, so here's to that continuing.