Finally Up And Running

Finally got the Linux server completely revamped with a fresh installation of Ubuntu Server 10.04. I had a couple of permission issues with the Betfair PHP files I've been working with, but once that was resolved, everything worked fine.

The screen shot shows the MySQL section of Webmin displaying a view of the 203K plus records downloaded from the Betfair site in a matter of minutes. Webmin allows me to do vitually every type of administration I'd need to without having to open a terminal - though that can be fun too.

All the modules I need are in place and working... cURL for scalping and SOAP for connecting to the Betfair API. So it's full steam ahead now on the programming front which will ultimately save me time in the analysis side of things, not to mention, sticking the bets in for me.

As far as the trading goes, it was a winning day with the dobbing trebles and the lays in profit. I was particularly pleased about the latter as they'd been on a dreadful run with four losing days on the trot. Even then, I was worried right from the off as my first lay of the day, 'Frameit', romped home in the 2:10 at Uttoxeter. Later picks turned it around and the lays finished the day 5pts up.


PhilipH said...

Many congratulations Ali. Great job and one that would have been a nightmare for me and, no doubt, plenty of others!
Hope your trading goes as well as your programming prowess.

Alistair said...

Quite a bit to go yet Phil. That was just setting up the hardware and software I need to run the bot when it's created.

I'm still learning the programming side and specifying what it is I want it to do.