Flight Of The Phoenix

It seems that my announcement regarding the death of Binarysoft BDI last month was somewhat premature.

My Linux system updated Sun Java files this morning and, purely as a way of checking it, I launched BDI fully expecting to see an API error message again half way through the login process. Much to my surprise, it rose from the ashes and went straight in. I was able to open a greyhound market and promptly lose £3. No surprise there since my trading has been terrible for months, but a big surprise seeing BDI come to life.

It was like visiting a long lost friend.

Whether I continue to use it as a trading tool is something I'll have to consider. I doubt that the issue was caused by a Java problem. It's more likely to be API related and as such, is it likely to happen again. Bound too I would think given that it uses the old API which, I would presume, Betfair will ultimately disable completely.

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PhilipH said...

Hmm ... mayhap Mark Twain's remark the "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated" is appropriate here Ali.

Keeping things like Java et al fully updated can often make a big difference perhaps. Again, I know nowt about owt in such things, but just a thought.